“Sometimes beauty can be disocvered, other times it must be created”

Throughout the manufacturing experiences of our projects, we have been asked a lot of different questions from our interlocutors. Here you can find the faq.

Are stones like marbles? Do they have the same characteristics?

All the selected stones are considered as semiprecious, for this reason they are inserted in a category between precious stones and marbles. The stone extracted from the deposit is considerably smaller than marbles and it is as a raw stone of variable dimensions. (For example, 20 kg for 30cm x 50 cm).

Which are the characteristics of these materials?

Above all, one of the main characteristics is limited availability, they have particular characteristic such as hardness and specific weight, requesting a hand-based processing, this allow us to have a more accurate attention for the detail and a well-harmonized final product that perfectly fits in the inserted framework.

On which surfaces is it possible to insert them? Are there any limits?

Original Obsydian inserts can be embedded on doors and vertical or horizontal supports of any kind. The manufacturing process allow us to put them in any kind of rigid basis like wood, metal or glass.
They can also be applied on wall surfaces, creating “geometrie a disegno” and elegant juxtapositions among different materials, becoming an integral part and precious details in boiserie. It can also be used as insert on knobs, handles, faucets, pushbutton panels and switches. Possibility of application ad rods and rounded surfaces. Malachite and Lapis only can be inserted both on flat and curved surfaces.

Which kind of application limits do they have?

There are no maximum dimension limits, apart from the hand craft realization timings, because the final result is a so called “mosaic composition”.

Which is the thickness Original Obsydian stones?

Thickness varies according to the surface on which it is inserted. There is normally a 5-7mm range, which includes the stone and the support (for example 4 mm stone + 2/3 of aluminium).


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